Paul Carrillo

Paul Carrillo is an Assistant Professor of Economics. He joined the Economics Department in August 2006. His research interests are in applied microeconomics, in particular, urban and real estate economics. Dr. Carrillo’s current research focuses on explaining the search process of buyers and sellers in the housing market, the measurement of residential rental prices, and the design of cash-transfer programs in low income countries. He received his BS in Economics from the Universidad Catolica del Ecuador (1998), his MA in Economics from the University of Virginia (2002), and his PhD in Economics from the University of Virginia (January, 2006).

Content by Paul Carrillo
  • Publication - Policy Brief

    The bigger the better: Using lotteries to identify the allocative efficiency effects of firm size

    Governments around the world provide economic incentives to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). SMEs are typically favoured in tax and regulatory policy and are often targeted in public procurement and business development programmes. Such policies are based on the belief that SMEs need help to grow out of inefficiently small sizes. Public procurement...

    8 Jan 2020 | Paul Carrillo, Dave Donaldson, Dina D. Pomeranz, Monica Singhal

  • Project

    The importance of firm networks: Methods and evidence from transaction-level administrative data

    How does the success or failure of one firm depend on its business linkages to other firms? Questions about firm-to-firm economic interactions are largely open because reliable and representative micro-data on firm transactions is hard to come by. We can shine some light on this problem by relying on a novel administrative data set of firm-to-firm transactions in Ecuador....

    23 Mar 2017 | Paul Carrillo, Dave Donaldson, Dina D. Pomeranz, Monica Singhal