Paulina Oliva

Paulina Oliva is an Associate Professor in the Economics Department of the University of Southern California. Her research interests include development economics, and environmental and resource economics.

Content by Paulina Oliva
  • Publication - Growth Brief

    Suffocating prosperity: Air pollution and economic growth in developing countries

    Air pollution is a silent killer that imposes substantial welfare and economic costs. Yet, people and governments underinvest in clean air. Policymakers must intervene with innovative solutions. Historically, economic growth and the externalities of growth have been studied and dealt with separately. However, we are now reaching the point where the externalities of...

    5 Dec 2019 | Paulina Oliva, Matei Alexianu, Rania Nasir

  • Blog post

    Building the evidence base for developing countries: An example from the effect of pollution on infant health in Mexico

    Pollution levels are orders of magnitude higher in lower-income countries than in the developed world. Studies of the health effects of pollution based on data from the latter will not necessarily be relevant to the former. This blog reports on the effect of air pollution on infant mortality in Mexico City. Significant effects found much larger than those found...

    18 Apr 2016 | Eva Arceo, Rema Hanna, Paulina Oliva

  • Project

    Contract and market design for land-based carbon offsets

    Agricultural activities often create environmental externalities that are felt by individuals other than the landholder. A theoretically efficient approach to addressing these externalities involves changing prices to align private and public interests. Governments and international organizations have spent billions of dollars in recent years on incentives for land use...

    10 Oct 2014 | Kelsey Jack, Olueyede Ajayi, Samuel Bell, Raymond Guiteras, Paulina Oliva