Pepita Miquel Florensa

Pepita Miquel Florensa is an Assistant Professor at the Toulouse School of Economics. Her research interests include development economics, industrial organization, and behavioral economics.

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    Latin American regulation: Policy brief

    In brief The recent NAEB-IGC coffee conference in Kigali has highlighted two key priorities for the industry: Improve access to inputs and extension services for farmers Establish a regulatory framework to improve the relationship between farmers and coffee washing stations and ensure a reasonable share of the international prices reaches the farmers. Lessons from...

    18 Nov 2015 | Pepita Miquel Florensa

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    A comparative analysis of the coffee value chain

    The vast majority of the world’s poor are employed in agriculture (see, e.g., World Bank (2008)). Promoting exports of agricultural products and linking farmers to global markets, therefore, has the potential to reduce poverty. At the same time, it is argued by many that market imperfections along agricultural value chains and unfair conditions in global market prevent...

    2 Oct 2015 | Arthur Blouin, Rocco Macchiavello, Pepita Miquel Florensa, Ameet Morjaria