Philipp Hühne

Philipp Hühne is a researcher and PhD candidate at the Chair for Growth Theory and Business Cycles at Helmut-Schmidt-University in Hamburg. His research interests are in the field of International and Development Economics. He was a visiting researcher at the Institute for the World Economy in Kiel as well as at the Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality. He holds a Diploma degree from the Goethe-University in Frankfurt and studied abroad at Dauphine University in Paris.

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    Who benefits from aid-for-trade?

    Both donors and recipients can benefit from aid, yet aid-for-trade seems to benefit the exports of middle-income countries most, rather than the developing economies for which it was designed Susan Strange, the pioneer of modern international political economy, repeatedly asked her essential Latin question: “Cui Bono?” Translated as, “Who benefits?” the question...

    22 Oct 2014 | Philipp Hühne, Birgit Meyer, Peter Nunnenkamp