Poulomi Chakrabarti

Poulomi is a sixth year Ph.D. candidate in comparative politics. Her research interests include political economy of development, identity politics, public service delivery and local governance with a regional focus on South Asia. Her dissertation project explores the determinants of sub-national variation in development in India. Towards this end, she is interested in how different political-economic regimes came to be constructed in post-independent India. Poulomi has a masters degree in international development from MIT and undergraduate degree in urban planning from the School of Planning and Architecture in New Delhi. Before coming to Brown, she worked on issues related to decentralization and local governance at the World Bank in Washington DC.

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    One nation, many worlds: Varieties of developmental regimes in India

    The development trajectory in Indian states strongly suggests that state governments display distinct preference for certain kinds of development policies. Successive governments in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, for example, have been pro-redistribution irrespective of the nature of party ideology, while both the centrist Congress and center-right BJP led governments in Gujarat...

    25 Feb 2016 | Poulomi Chakrabarti , Ashutosh Varshney