Raghabendra Chattopadhyay

Raghabendra Chattopadhyay’s research areas of interest include local self government and empowerment of women, public policy and management, development and the State’s role in social sectors including adult and elementary education in India, political economy of development and poverty eradication through self sustaining economic programs.

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    Index Insurance to Manage Weather Risk: A Long-Run Experiment

    Despite gradual improvements in irrigation, almost 65% of the Indian agricultural sector still depends on erratic and unpredictable monsoons. High variability in income and consumption results, especially because rainfall risk co-varies among households that live near each other. Traditional informal risk-coping mechanisms that help insure against idiosyncratic risks do not...

    3 Sep 2014 | Shawn Cole, Jeremy Tobacman, Raghabendra Chattopadhyay, Maulik Jagnani, Lisa Nestor