Sabrina Karim

Sabrina is currently a Dartmouth Fellow in US Foreign Policy and International Security and an assistant professor at Cornell Universityy.  Her research focuses on international relations, especially conflict, security sector reform, gender, and peacekeeping. She is the co-authors of a forthcoming book with Oxford University Press entitled Equal Opportunity Peacekeeping (with Kyle Beardsley) and has published in a variety of journals such as the International Organization,  Journal of Peace ResearchInternational Interactions, and International Peacekeeping.  She has done fieldwork in Peru and Liberia.

Content by Sabrina Karim
  • Project

    Yes to peace: Preventing election violence in Liberia

    In 2017, Liberia will be conducting its third general election after its civil conflict. Liberia is among a handful of African countries that could experience election violence during elections this year.  In fact, security officials speculate that electoral violence in the forthcoming general elections is perhaps of a greater likelihood than at any time since 2005 given...

    25 May 2017 | Sabrina Karim

  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Building trust in a reformed security sector: A field experiment in Liberia (Policy brief)

    12 Aug 2016 | Robert Blair, Sabrina Karim, Benjamin Morse

  • Project

    Population-based surveys to inform Ebola recovery

    Liberia currently faces the dual challenge of rebuilding after the Ebola outbreak while remaining vigilant to prevent its resurgence.  In this process, the Liberian government and humanitarian providers face a dearth of information to inform their efforts to support Ebola recovery. To respond to citizen needs in the aftermath of the Ebola crisis, providers need...

    28 Jan 2015 | Lily L. Tsai, Benjamin Morse, Robert Blair, Sabrina Karim

  • Project

    Building trust in a reformed security sector: A field experiment in Liberia

    Over the past decade, a consensus has emerged among both scholars and policymakers that rule of law is a prerequisite for sustainable peace and economic growth in countries recovering from civil conflict. Rule of law helps ensure security of property rights, builds confidence among businesses and investors and provides mechanisms for resolving disputes without recourse to...

    1 May 2014 | Danielle Jung, Robert Blair, Benjamin Morse, Sabrina Karim