Sam Norris

Sam is a graduate student in the Department of Economics at Northwestern University. His work focuses on education and development economics. Prior to leaving for graduate school, Sam was a Research Fellow at Evidence for Policy Design. He worked with Professors Monica Singhal and Rohini Pande on taxation and environmental regulation projects in South Asia. Sam holds a BA in Economics from Simon Fraser University, as well as an MA in Economics from the University of Toronto.

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    In-kind transfers as insurance: Evidence from India

    While academics and policymakers prefer unconditional cash transfer to the poor, they value in-kind transfers that protect against price fluctuations A fundamental question in the public economics literature, as well as in the practical design of social protection programmes, is whether transfers from the government to the poor should take the form of cash or kind...

    2 Aug 2022 | Lucie Gadenne, Sam Norris, Monica Singhal, Sandip Sukhtankar

  • Publication - Project Report

    In-kind transfers as insurance

    5 Oct 2017 | Lucie Gadenne, Sam Norris, Monica Singhal, Sandip Sukhtankar

  • Project

    Incidence and efficiency of commodity taxes in developing economies: Evidence from India

    A large literature has examined how government programmes, such as spending on health and education, affect poor households in developing countries. There has been much less research on the impacts of the revenue-generating activities of governments on households. While poor households in developing countries generally fall below income tax thresholds, they are subject to...

    10 Apr 2015 | Monica Singhal, Lucie Gadenne, Sam Norris