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Sarah Saeed is an IGC-funded researcher.

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    Data: The agricultural productivity gap in developing countries

    According to national accounts data for developing countries, value added per worker is on average four times higher in the non-agriculture sector than in agriculture. Taken at face value this “agricultural productivity gap” suggests that labor is greatly misallocated across sectors in the developing world. In this paper we draw on new micro evidence to ask to what...

    28 Feb 2019

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    Khyber Pakhtunkhwa economic strategy report

    Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has the 3rd largest provincial economy in Pakistan but its growth has been poor The provincial government needed a strategy to put the economy on the path to growth IGC researchers found that remittances, regional trade, and emerging urban expansion provide ideal engines for growth The provincial government has used the...

    1 Oct 2013 | Ijaz Nabi, Khalid Ikram, Syed Turab Hussain, Bilal Siddiqi, Usman Khan, Yasir Khan, Munir Ahmed, Osama Siddique, Sarah Saeed

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    The Agricultural Productivity Gap in Developing Countries

    This study seeks to understand why, in most developing countries, measured value added per worker is so much lower in agriculture than in other sectors of the economy. Simple two-sector models predict that value added per worker should be equal in agriculture and “non-agriculture,” and yet in the average developing country, national accounts data show that value added...

    1 Jan 2011 | Douglas Gollin, David Lagakos, Michael Waugh, Sarah Saeed