Stefan Leeffers

Stefan Leeffers is a PhD candidate in Economics at Nova School of Business and Economics and affiliated with NOVAFRICA. His topics of interest are development and behavioral economics, and his research focuses on political economy related questions in education and disaster risk management. Stefan holds two MSc degrees in Economics from Nova SBE and INSPER and a BSc in Economics from Tilburg University. For more information, visit his website.



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    Salience and accessibility of disaster risk information in Mozambique

    Mozambique's coast is vulnerable to natural disasters and climate change. Quelimane, a city located by the mouth of the Rio dos Bons Sinais, is particularly exposed. Rapid population growth, due to a continuous influx of rural migrants, has resulted in an increase of informal settlements in flood-prone parts of the city. This introduced further vulnerability with poor...

    1 Feb 2021 | Stefan Leeffers