Steve Machin

Steve Machin is the research director of the Centre for Economic Performance (CEP) and director of the DfES Centre for the Economics of Education at CEP. He has been Professor of Economics at University College London since 1996. He is one of Europe’s leading applied labour economists and his work spans the fields of inequality in earnings, the impact of the minimum wage on employment and earnings, technological change, trade unions, corporate performance and education. He is currently one of the editors of the Economic Journal.

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    Returns to Education

    This report evaluates the returns to education for individuals and households for Uganda using microdata from two recent time periods, 2005/2006 and 2009/2010. The data sources we used in the analysis of the wage, productivity and profit returns to education come from the Uganda National Household Survey 2005/06 (UNHS) and the Uganda National Panel Survey 2009/10 (UNPS)....

    17 Nov 2014 | Ronald Fischer, Steve Machin, Nuarpear Lekfuangfu

  • Publication - Working Paper

    Report on Uganda’s Returns to Schooling (Working Paper)

    1 Mar 2012 | Ronald Fischer, Steve Machin, Nuarpear Lekfuangfu

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    Returns to Education

    Evidence suggests that despite completion of secondary schooling, students in Ghana are not gaining basic skills important for their future success (Anamuah-Mensah, 2011). Furthermore, relatively little information about the quality of secondary school and its relationship to student outcomes currently exists. While policymakers and educators conjecture about the...

    1 Dec 2010 | Steve Machin, Pascaline Dupas, Jamie Johnston