Supreet Kaur

Supreet is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics and School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University.

Her research is in development economics and behavioral economics, with a focus on labor markets.

Content by Supreet Kaur
  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Staving off the hungry season in Zambia: Testing a simple and cost-effective approach

    Multiple countries in sub-Saharan African experience seasonal extreme food insecurity, a phenomenon in some cases referred to as the “hungry season.” In Zambia, the context of this project, recent studies suggest that between 60-80% of rural households run out of food before the annual harvest. Seasonal food insecurity has serious impacts on health and wellbeing....

    16 Jan 2020 | Kelsey Jack, Supreet Kaur, Ned Augenblick, Nicholas Swanson, Felix Masiye

  • Project

    Understanding consumption seasonality in Zambia

    Consumption seasonality is prevalent across many poor countries, particularly those with large agricultural sectors. Farmers in these countries typically have abundant food after harvest, but struggle to make it last to the next harvest, resulting in three major implications: Reduction in the number of meals consumed and caloric intake at certain times of the year; ...

    10 Oct 2019 | Kelsey Jack, Supreet Kaur, Nicholas Swanson, Felix Masiye, Ned Augenblick

  • Project

    Labor Rationing and Forced Entrepreneurship in Village India: Estimates from Experimental Aggregate Demand Shocks

    There is a growing policy consensus that increases in firm productivity, especially a move from small to medium sized enterprises, is an important growth strategy. However, the means to accomplish this, and the main impediments that prevent this transition, remain less clear. A large body of work has centered on removing potential market frictions, with much of the focus on...

    10 Dec 2014 | Supreet Kaur, Emily Breza, Yogita Shamdasani