Tamim Amijee

Tamim Amijee has 30 years of experience in development consulting, taxation and management in Tanzania and East Africa. He is a graduate in economics from Queen Mary, University of London, and has  undertaken masters degree courses in tax administration and community economic development both in Tanzania and abroad. Tamim has undertaken extensive and wide-ranging socio-economic, tax and development consultancy and management work for international, national and local governments; multilateral institutions, NGOs, corporations and civil society organisations. He has been a member of the Tanzania Tax Revenue Appeals Board, where he was involved in adjudicating over 100 tax appeal cases covering all the major tax heads. He has written numerous papers including research papers on the Tax Appeals System in Tanzania and the Taxation System in Tanzania.

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    Property taxation with flat rate systems in Tanzania

    The property tax system that the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) inherited has a low proportion of total properties registered and an even smaller proportion valuated. It uses a valuation method that is regressive, expensive and significantly undervalues properties, and the effective tax rates are minuscule once true property value is taken into account. A flat tax...

    26 Feb 2019 | Mihaly Kopanyi, Tamim Amijee