Tanuka Endow

Tanuka Endow is a Fellow at the Institute of Human Development. She is co-author of background country-level study for India, which formed the basis for the South Asia Regional Study under the Global Initiative for Out of School Children, UNICEF. She contributed to and was Associate Editor for the Delhi Human Development Report 2013, published by Delhi Government and IHD. She was also co-author for working papers on education and skills as part of RECOUP (Research Consortium on Outcomes of Education and Poverty), a multi-country consortium funded by DFID. The work was done in association with CORD. She is currently working on a project on urbanisation in Bihar.

Content by Tanuka Endow
  • Publication - Project Report

    Urban development and rural-urban linkages in six towns in Bihar

    4 Jun 2018 | Tanuka Endow

  • Project

    Risks and investment in education

    Evidence shows that the educational outcomes of children to a large extent depend on their parents' background, their resources, and their socio-economic status. Parental choice in terms of investment in the education of their children is a major determinant of the educational attainment of the children and their future earning capacity. Low educational attainment in...

    10 Aug 2016 | Tanuka Endow, Alok Kumar Singh