Thiemo Fetzer

Thiemo Fetzer is an assistant professor in the economics department at the University of Warwick. He is also affiliated with the Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy (CAGE) at University of Warwick and the Spatial Economics Research Centre (SERC) at London School of Economics.

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  • Blog post

    Understanding how political violence impacts spending patterns

    Using spending pattern insights and media reports of violence, we can see how fear can heavily influence consumers. Politically motivated violence has important economic effects. Apart from the direct impact of terrorism on its victims, it deters investment in education and businesses. The fear of violence has driven millions of people away from their homes every year,...

    12 Mar 2018 | Tim Besley, Thiemo Fetzer, Hannes Mueller

  • Project

    Executive branch turnover, policy uncertainty and growth

    The project explores the impact of policy uncertainty on economic growth, by studying the patterns and determinants of political stability, as measured by turnover in the executive branch. We are looking to develop the largest individual-level dataset on the composition of the executive branches around the whole world, covering the time period from 1962 until present.

    21 Oct 2016 | Thiemo Fetzer, Rabah Arezki

  • Project

    Tourism and terrorism: Evidence from North Africa

    Tourism is a potentially vital source of income in many low income economies, but it can be affected by political instability. These issues are brought into sharp relief by studying the situation in the Middle East and North Africa where since 2010, a number of countries have destabilised politically with bouts of rioting, armed conflict, and terror attacks. The economies...

    23 Aug 2016 | Hannes Mueller, Tim Besley, Thiemo Fetzer

  • Blog post

    Can workfare programmes moderate violence?

    It is common in developing countries for income shocks to trigger spurts of violence. Important findings suggest that the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government’s Rural Employment Guarantee (MNREGA) programme has had a moderating effect on the intensity and incidence of terrorist violence in India India has faced many internal security challenges since its...

    14 Oct 2014 | Thiemo Fetzer

  • Publication - Policy Brief

    The Economic Costs of Piracy (Policy Brief)

    20 Apr 2012 | Tim Besley, Thiemo Fetzer, Hannes Mueller

  • Publication - Working Paper

    Piracy in Somalia costs billions (Working Paper)

    20 Apr 2012 | Tim Besley, Thiemo Fetzer, Hannes Mueller

  • Project

    The Economic Costs of Piracy

    For every $120 million seized by pirates in Somalia, the cost to the shipping industry and the end consumer is between $0.9 and $3.3 billion, according to research by Tim Besley (LSE and the IGC Steering Group), Thiemo Fetzer (LSE) and Hannes Mueller (Barcelona GSE). This money is enough to employ well over a million Somalis for a whole year. The study examines the...

    1 Oct 2011 | Tim Besley, Thiemo Fetzer, Hannes Mueller