Timothy Melvin

Tim Melvin has worked with countries undergoing civil and political transitions for over 9 years. He has extensive experience working with community leaders and government partners to develop strategies aimed at reducing sources of instability, rebuilding fractured economies, and managing diverse teams during times of crisis. He has worked with USAID, UNDP, DAI, as well as other NGOs in Europe, Afghanistan, Central Asia and in West Africa.  Most recently, Mr. Melvin worked for three years as the Country Director of Building Markets in Liberia, where he managed several programs funded by USAID, World Bank, Australian Government and other donors. Since October, Mr. Melvin  has been the Director of Conflict Management Programming, with Mercy Corps Nigeria. He graduated from the Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver with an MA in International Studies and the Ohio State University with a BA in History.

Content by Timothy Melvin
  • Publication - Bulletin

    The economic impacts of Ebola – Bulletin six (December 2015)

    16 Dec 2015 | Jeremy Bowles, Jonas Hjort, Timothy Melvin, Eric Werker

  • Project

    The impact of the Ebola outbreak on firms in Liberia

    Most of the estimates of the economic impact of Ebola have been either anecdotal or top-down using national accounts. We do not yet have survey data on how individual firms are being hit by the epidemic and how they are responding, including the effect on workers and the orientation of the firms themselves to potentially new business opportunities. We propose collecting...

    20 Feb 2015 | Jeremy Bowles, Jonas Hjort, Timothy Melvin, Eric Werker