Tsegay Gebrekidan Tekleselassie

Tsegay Gebrekidan Tekleselassie is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Economics, University of Sussex (2011 – 2015). His PhD research focuses on human capital, institutions, and growth. His further research interests include technology transfer, industrial development, and wellbeing in developing countries. Prior to his current study, he obtained MSc in Economics from the University of Copenhagen in 2008 and BA in Economics from Addis Ababa University in 2005. He worked as associate researcher for the Ethiopian Development Research Institute between 2008 and 2011 to which he continues to be affiliated. 

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  • Blog post

    Ethiopia’s youth and their labour market prospects

    The transition from education to employment often presents challenges for the youth in many countries, culminating in rates of youth unemployment that are habitually higher than the unemployment rate for adults. High youth unemployment is likely to have adverse social and economic consequences for an economy, with a large proportion of the young population unable to engage...

    9 Dec 2013 | Nzinga Broussard, Tsegay Gebrekidan Tekleselassie

  • Publication - Working Paper

    Youth unemployment in Ethiopia declines markedly since 1999 (Working Paper)

    21 Apr 2012 | Nzinga Broussard, Tsegay Gebrekidan Tekleselassie

  • Project

    Youth Unemployment: Ethiopia Country Study

    Unemployment in Ethiopia has declined markedly since 1999, both for youth and for the economy as a whole. However, while the economy has demonstrated impressive reductions in unemployment, in urban areas and for women, unemployment figures remain high. A recent IGC working paper by Nzinga H. Broussard (Ohio State University) and Gebrekidan Tekleselassie (University of...

    1 Jan 2012 | Nzinga Broussard, Tsegay Gebrekidan Tekleselassie