Upaasna Kaul

Upaasna was previously the Managing Editor for the IGC. She holds a MPA in International Development from the London School of Economics and Political Science. While at the LSE, Upaasna worked as a Researcher in the Economics Department and served as a Graduate Consultant for BBC Media Action. Prior to starting her Masters, she worked as a Financial Analyst for a US bank, specialising in the energy industry. Her research interests include women’s economic empowerment, entrepreneurship, energy accessibility, and infrastructure development.

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    Transforming the economic lives of the ultra-poor

    1 Sep 2016

  • Blog post

    New IGC Annual Report

    2015 marked a significant ramp up in the International Growth Centre’s efforts to generate new and collaborative ideas with the aim of reducing poverty and powering growth in our partner countries. Recognising that effective policy comes from researchers and policymakers working together, we have renewed our focus on cultivating an integrated research agenda and deepening...

    27 Jun 2016 | Upaasna Kaul

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    New era for aid: Is community driven development the answer?

    If you missed the 2016 IGC Growth Week Conference, held at the London School of Economics, get caught up through our blog recaps looking at research highlights and policy insights. This post forms part of our blog recap series, looking at the challenges facing fragile states, and lessons from Afghanistan's experiences of rebuilding state capability. See here for other...

    20 Jun 2016 | Upaasna Kaul

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    Risky business: Firms, trade and development

    If you missed the 2016 IGC Growth Week Conference, held at the London School of Economics, get caught up through our blog recaps looking at research highlights and policy insights. This post forms part of our blog recap series, looking particularly at ideas on firm productivity and trade-led development. See here for other recaps from growth week. Starting with the premise...

    14 Jun 2016 | Upaasna Kaul, Amanda Jinhage

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    Epidemics, ethnicity, and empowerment: A cities recap

    If you missed the 2016 IGC Growth Week Conference, held at the London School of Economics, read our blog recaps all this week to get caught up on the best research highlights and policy insights presented at the conference. This post forms part of our blog recap series, looking specifically at ideas on urban development and growth. The challenges of density resulting...

    13 Jun 2016 | Upaasna Kaul

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    Cashless economics: The new wave of mobile money

    2017 marks the 10 year anniversary of M-PESA, the digital wallet that transformed financial inclusion and banking starting first in Kenya spreading through much of East Africa. In March of this year, the IGC held a ‘Sub-Regional Workshop on Mobile Money in West Africa’ to explore the challenges and opportunities facing West Africa, as they seek to replicate...

    17 May 2016 | Upaasna Kaul

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    Taxing to develop: When ‘third-best’ is best

    18 Apr 2016

  • Publication - Growth Brief

    Growth brief: Taxing to develop - When 'third-best' is best

    Taxes are a channel of reciprocal exchange between citizens and governments. Taxes increase government accountability, encourage better governance, public service delivery and enforcement of law and order for the protection of citizen rights – essential ingredients for economic growth. Without widespread monitoring and reporting systems to capture and verify...

    14 Apr 2016 | Henrik Kleven, Adnan Khan, Upaasna Kaul

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    The new urban agenda (Part 2): Urban complementarities

    Following on from our recap of the policy takeaways at the recent IGC Cities conference, today's blog highlights a number of innovative and exciting academic studies that were presented. For the first time in history, more than half of the world’s population are living in cities. By 2045, the urban population of the world is expected to grow from 3.9 billion currently...

    22 Feb 2016 | Upaasna Kaul, Amanda Jinhage

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    The new urban agenda: Cities of the future

    Emerging from two days of discussion and debate on cities at the recent IGC Cities Conference, the challenge that resonated most widely from both research and policy participants was how urban infrastructure can be adapted to accommodate rising levels of urban density. Rates of urbanisation, particularly for African cities are not expected to slow-down anytime soon....

    17 Feb 2016 | Upaasna Kaul, Emilie Yam

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    Graduation: What’s next for ultra-poor programmes?

    Results are in: Research shows that BRAC’s one-shot, ‘big-push’ intervention targeting the ultra-poor with assets and skills can lift extreme households onto a more sustainable path out of poverty. In this blog we presented updated findings on the long-term impact and sustainability of the approach from studies showcased at the recent IGC-BRAC conference: Tackling...

    19 Jan 2016 | Emilie Yam, Upaasna Kaul, Amanda Jinhage

  • Publication - Growth Brief

    Growth brief: Transforming the economic lives of the ultra-poor

    Despite considerable progress in recent decades, nearly 1 billion people worldwide live below the international extreme poverty line of $1.90 per day. A group that has been particularly hard to reach with anti-poverty programmes are the ‘ultra-poor’. With low assets and few skills, the ultra-poor work largely in insecure wage labour, do not participate in...

    9 Dec 2015 | Oriana Bandiera, Robin Burgess, Upaasna Kaul

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    #PoweringGrowth: 3 new facts from the IGC Energy Conference

    In today’s blog, we bring you highlights from the recent IGC Energy Conference, capturing new ideas and evidence on policies to fight energy poverty. Most of these are fresh findings that haven’t been published yet! The idea that affordable and reliable energy is tightly linked to a country’s economic growth is not one that many people question.  What does remain...

    2 Dec 2015 | Julia Tobias, Upaasna Kaul

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    Post 2015: Growth and the new sustainable development agenda

    As we look forward at new development agendas, much of the discussion now falls on how developing and fragile states can move forward in achieving progress on the new UN Global Goals. This piece argues that the goals will require governments to refocus policy agendas on growth. The challenge is not simply to create more jobs, but to also develop market structures, public...

    21 Sep 2015 | Paul Collier, Upaasna Kaul

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    AGF 2015 Conference report

    Following on from the lectures, panels and framework sessions held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, we have compiled a conference report summarising the discussions and ideas emerging from the third annual Africa Growth Forum. The Growth Forum is an annual conference bringing together researchers, academics and policymakers affiliated with the IGC. The IGC Ethiopia team...

    14 Aug 2015 | Upaasna Kaul

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    Reading roundup

    This month, we bring you the first in a regular series on the blog - showcasing newsworthy articles, blogs, and essays currently being read by staff around the IGC. Can Democracy combat ethnic terrorism? – Road expenditure data from Kenya offers a revealing glimpse into how democracy (or the lack of democracy) affects ethnic favouritism through public...

    16 Jul 2015 | Upaasna Kaul