Vikas Dimble

Vikas Dimble is Assistant Director of Research and Strategy for the Tata Centre for Development (TCD) at the University of Chicago and Content Editor for Ideas for India (I4I). Prior to that, he was consultant to the World Bank. He has also worked as India Country Economist for  the IGC and as a Research Associate at J-PAL research centre at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Vikas completed his Masters from the University of Sussex and his undergraduate degree from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai and School of Social Sciences and Psychology, Victoria University, Melbourne.

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  • Blog post

    Can the microcredit model be improved?

    The long-term impact of microcredit on peoples’ lives is limited: new research reveals it can help more people by modifying and extending its model. Microcredit is frequently touted as an effective policy tool to fight global poverty. Its global profile was elevated in 2006 when Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank won the Nobel Peace Prize for pioneering microcredit....

    30 Jul 2019 | Vikas Dimble, Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak

  • Publications Reader Item

    Saving microfinance through innovative lending

    13 Mar 2019

  • Publication - Growth Brief

    Saving microfinance through innovative lending

    The traditional microfinance model has had limited impact on the income and productivity of borrowers. More innovative and flexible lending models can boost entrepreneurship and welfare.

    13 Mar 2019 | Vikas Dimble, Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak

  • Project

    IGC India Central synthesis papers

    Since its inception in 2009, the IGC has funded more than 200 economic research projects in India on a wide variety of policy relevant topics. The vast knowledge generated through these projects has been synthesised in three recent IGC working papers on health, governance and public service delivery, and financial inclusion which can be downloaded below. The papers were...

    31 May 2017 | Farzana Afridi, Vikas Dimble, Nidhiya Menon, Nirvikar Singh

  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Health policy, health outcomes, and economic growth - Lessons from India

    31 May 2017 | Vikas Dimble, Nidhiya Menon

  • Publication - Policy note

    Governance and public service delivery in India

    31 May 2017 | Farzana Afridi, Vikas Dimble

  • Blog post

    China’s industrial policy fosters collusion

    China’s economic growth is often attributed to the rapid proliferation of special economic zones (SEZ). New research suggests that gains to firms arising from the preferential tax and regulatory incentives for locating inside an SEZ, may come at a cost to consumers. Clustering may equally promote competition and collusion among firms in SEZs; could benefits from collusion...

    11 Jan 2017 | Joseph Kaboski, Wyatt Brooks, Yao Amber Li, Vikas Dimble