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  • Publication - Growth Brief

    Information and innovation in the public sector

    Faced with limited resources and many pressing demands, bureaucrats make difficult policy choices. Incentives and better access to quality information could transform decision making and help support innovations that lead to growth. Through its civil service, a capable state raises revenues and provides key public goods and services, using these capabilities to foster...

    4 Oct 2019 | Walter Brown, Daniel Rogger, Ella Spencer, Martin Williams

  • Publications Reader Item

    Information and innovation in the public sector

    3 Oct 2019

  • Publication - Sub-thematic summary

    Management practices in the private sector: A summary of IGC research

    This sub-thematic summary highlights the IGC’s research on management practices in the private sector over the past 10 years. The substantial productivity differences between workers and firms in developed and developing countries have long interested development economists. Unexplained productivity gaps are a major focus for economists seeking to explain the severe...

    23 Sep 2019 | Walter Brown