Yared Seid

Yared Seid was previously a Country Economist for the Ethiopia Country Programme at the International Growth Centre.  His research interests are applied microeconomics, development economics, and applied econometrics, with a specific concentration on topics in human capital investment in children in developing countries. His research includes investigating barriers to primary school enrolment, analysis of delayed primary school enrolment and assessing within household human capital spillover. Prior to joining the International Growth Centre, he held a teaching and research assistant positions at Georgia State University. He holds a PhD in Economics from Georgia State University.

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    Collect and archive policy and statistical documents

    In Ethiopia, obtaining important policy documents can be time-consuming. This is partly because some government documents are not available online, requiring researchers to physically go to the government offices to obtain the documents. Also, researchers may need to fill out paperwork in order to access some documents. This can tax the researchers’ time and, hence,...

    18 Dec 2019 | Yared Seid