Ying Chen

Ying Chen is Assistant Professor at the Johns Hopkins University. Her research interests are in game theory, information economics and political economy, and she is particularly interested in strategic communication and dynamic bargaining. One of her recent papers models rhetoric in legislative bargaining as “cheap talk” and investigates the extent to which such communication can convey private information about legislators’ preferences and how it affects the bargaining outcome. Another recent paper discusses the optimal way to present arguments in debates in order to persuade the audience.

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    Transport and job accessibility: Towards a competitive and inclusive Accra

    A working age individual can only reach up to 32% of formal jobs by tro-tro within 60 minutes. Poor connectivity harms labour and firm outcomes. There is a need for investment in public transit, land-use reforms and low-income urban housing policies. Cities in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) are urbanising at an unprecedented pace. As a result, they have often expanded...

    6 Nov 2017 | Nathalie Picarelli , Pascal Jaupart, Ying Chen