Making training programmes more effective: Evidence from the DDU-GKY programme in India

  • To tackle youth unemployment, the Indian government implements large-scale training programmes combined with job placement. The effectiveness of these programmes is hampered by high drop-out rates.
  • The DDU-GKY programme was launched in 2014 by the Indian government as part of its “Skilling India” strategy.
  • We evaluate the impact of an information intervention, in which new trainees are provided detailed information about the exact job titles, wages, and location of jobs that will be offered to them at the end of the training.
  • We found that the intervention increases the probability of placed trainees staying in the job they are placed in 5 months after training completion.
  • We also found that the impact of the intervention is heterogenous. Trainees with higher levels of education are more likely to drop out when they learn about placement jobs, while those with lower levels of education are more likely to complete the training.
  • The intervention has no effect on women, and strong effects on men.