Understanding demand and funding for piped-water supply in Mandalay City

  • This study seeks to understand water usage patterns in Mandalay and to assess the possibility of and the extent to which current water tariffs can be increased or reconfigured.
  • The researchers used a combination of in-depth interviews and a survey covering 1480 households and MSMEs across six townships in Mandalay.
  • Additionally, this study analysed unique administrative data from the Mandalay City Development Committee to assess the impact of past tariff changes on consumption and revenue
  • The findings suggest that due to the widespread access to sources of substitution for water in Mandalay, further increases of the tariff rate are expected to reduce piped-water consumption and have a limited impact on Mandalay’s revenue.
  • The authors recommend decreasing operational expenditure by assessing and reducing Non-Revenue Water, raising water revenue by increasing tariff levels for households up to 385 MMK per unit, and accounting for additional critical costs such as debt servicing.