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  • Publication - Growth Brief

    Making the workplace work for women

    The traditional economic rationale for increased female labour force participation is that it benefits women directly and society indirectly. A new argument looks at how increased female labour force participation can boost aggregate economic growth and hence, benefit everyone, on average. Yet, several factors hinder women’s productive employment. This Growth Brief...

    8 Oct 2019 | Nalini Gulati, Farzana Afridi, Oriana Bandiera

  • Publication - Growth Brief

    Information and innovation in the public sector

    Faced with limited resources and many pressing demands, bureaucrats make difficult policy choices. Incentives and better access to quality information could transform decision making and help support innovations that lead to growth. Through its civil service, a capable state raises revenues and provides key public goods and services, using these capabilities to foster...

    4 Oct 2019 | Walter Brown, Daniel Rogger, Ella Spencer, Martin Williams

  • Publication - Policy Brief

    The effects of the introduction of a bus rapid transit system on commuter choices in Ghana

    1 Oct 2019 | Gordon Abekah-Nkrumah, Patrick Asuming, Henry Telli

  • Publication - Sub-thematic summary

    Female labour force participation: A summary of IGC research

    This sub-thematic summary highlights the IGC’s research on female labour force participation over the past 10 years. Despite substantial increases in female labour force participation across the world in the last century, the global labour force participation for women stands at 49% in 2018, 27 percentage points below that of men.  The slower decline in women’s...

    30 Sep 2019 | Sivakami Sivakumar , Sudhanshu Sharma

  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Improving local government tax collection capacity: Evidence from Ghana

    30 Sep 2019 | James Dzansi, Anders Jensen, David Lagakos, Henry Telli

  • Publication - Policy Brief

    The vicious nexus of non-payment of tariffs and blackouts: Evidence from Ghana

    30 Sep 2019 | James Dzansi, Steve Puller, Brittany Street, Belinda Yebuah-Dwamena

  • Publication - Sub-thematic summary

    Civil service reform: A summary of IGC research

    This sub-thematic summary highlights the IGC’s research on civil service reform over the past 10 years. Governments are the main provider of services such as health, education, infrastructure, and property rights in most developing countries. Improving productivity and performance of the public sector is therefore important in supporting effective service delivery and...

    27 Sep 2019 | Robert Lee

  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Myanmar’s emerging coffee sector: Opportunities and constraints

    Myanmar is home to ideal conditions for coffee cultivation, but the sector is still in its infancy. Growing demand in the region and increasing interest in high-quality coffee in developed markets presents a significant opportunity for expanding cultivation. Exports of coffee from Myanmar have increased in recent years. However, much of what is exported is sold to...

    23 Sep 2019 | Siddhartha Basu , Tim Dobermann, Rocco Macchiavello

  • Publication - Policy Brief

    The effect of pre-paid electricity metering on the poor: Evidence from Cape Town

    Prepaid meters are spreading rapidly in the developing world because they facilitate revenue recovery. A pre-paid meter can be charged using a token with a meter-specific code. Tokens can be purchased from the utility company at points of sale, such as grocery stores. The key difference between pre-paid metering and electricity billing is that electricity can be used...

    23 Sep 2019 | Kelsey Jack, Kathryn McDermott, Anja Sautmann

  • Publication - Sub-thematic summary

    Transport and infrastructure: A summary of IGC research

    This sub-thematic summary highlights the IGC’s research on transport and infrastructure over the past 10 years. Transport and infrastructure are fundamental aspects in economic development. By lowering movement costs, improving transport and infrastructure help stimulate inclusive economic growth. However, the nuanced effects of transport and infrastructure projects...

    23 Sep 2019 | Tom Hill