Addressing efficiency and quality in Rwanda’s health system

Project report State

The Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB) has a critical role in Rwanda’s healthcare system; to fulfil this role, it requires solid rules, analysis and provider compliance to ensure a functioning, efficient and quality healthcare system. As the major national payer, RSSB has considerable leverage over providers, and at the same time has responsibility for setting the rules and context for the overall healthcare system. This one-week consultancy has unearthed a few key issues regarding priority areas for action to promote greater efficiency and quality in the healthcare system, and identified topics for research to help RSSB reach its efficiency goals.

In addition, MINISANTE as a major healthcare provider has a robust agenda and has made great strides in establishing incentives for public providers. Those deserve support and encouragement – as well as evaluation to further strengthen performance and value in healthcare. Some possible areas for activities and research are also outlined.