Woman carrying a solar pannel near Yangambi, DRC - Photo by Axel Fassio - CIFOR via Flickr

Concessions: Nuru’s experience in the DRC’s electricity sector

Case study Energy, State and State Fragility initiative

The case study examines Nuru’s experience in the Democratic Republic of Congo as a solar mini grid developer and operator to understand how, and to what extent, concessions assisted in scaling up their operations. The case study also highlights lessons learned to generate real-world findings for policymakers and key stakeholders working in similar settings.

The electricity sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is fraught with challenges, with only 21 percent of the country connected. This case study looks at the experience of Nuru, a private solar mini grid company, with concessions as it scaled up operations in eastern DRC. It aims to provide insights for stakeholders involved in expanding energy access in similar contexts.