Economic Challenges and Policy Issues in Early 21st Century Sierra Leone

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The IGC-Sierra Leone programme, in cooperation with the Bank of Sierra Leone, has produced a book entitled 'Economic Challenges and Policy Issues in Early 21st Century Sierra Leone' featuring analysis of various facets of Sierra Leone’s economies.

Edited by Omotunde E. G. Johnson, the IGC Sierra Leone Country Director, the book project consists of five sections with fourteen chapters covering the following areas: Macroeconomics and Financial Sector Issues, Private Sector Development and Export Promotion, The Real Sectors, and Governance and Social Development. Many of the authors are Sierra Leoneans, both based in Sierra Leone and abroad. The issues covered in the book represent the main challenges currently facing Sierra Leone today.

The goal of this project was to elicit critical thinking in Sierra Leone and abroad about the opportunities and challenges facing Sierra Leone, as it strives to reach middle-income status by 2035. The IGC hopes that this book will help to further shape the policy debate as Sierra Leone moves to implement policies to attain middle-income status.

The book is available both for download below in its entirety, or as individual chapters.