Energy, growth, and development research projects

Policy brief Energy

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The paper highlights a selection of the IGC’s research projects in the energy sector.

The large and important role that access to reliable energy will play in shaping the growth trajectories of developing countries is at the core of IGC’s energy research agenda on energy and growth. Our energy research drives at answering four key questions:

  • How can access to reliable electricity be improved and expanded in areas already served by the grid?
  • How can rural unconnected areas be provided with energy in a sustainable manner to enable increases in productivity?
  • How can investments in energy efficiency promote economic growth?
  • How can the external costs associated with rising energy consumption be minimised?

The IGC has a wide network of world-class researchers who can offer assistance to policymakers and practitioners interested in designing evaluations of energy projects and policies. The IGC funds cutting-edge research on energy and development through its bi-annual call for proposals. Anyone is welcome to apply.