An Enterprise Map of Mozambique by John Sutton

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Mozambique's economy grew rapidly in the first decade of the millennium. Real gross domestic product more than doubled, and this growth was widely spread across sectors: manufacturing output grew even faster than gross domestic product, rising by a factor of 2.3 over the decade.

A key economic question for Mozambique is whether this rate of growth can be sustained for another decade. Achieving this will require, among other things, a substantial advance in the country's industrial sector. It is timely, therefore, to ask some questions about Mozambican industry.

  • What are Mozambique's current industrial capabilities?
  • Where did these capabilities come from?
  • What are the prospects for integrating local companies into the supply chain of the new offshore gas industry?

This volume presents the first general overview of Mozambique's industrial sector, covering manufacturing, agribusiness and construction. It describes each industry in detail, and profiles leading firms, setting out their current capabilities and the way in which these were developed.

This is the fifth volume in John Sutton's 'Enterprise Map' series, which profiles the industrial capabilities of selected countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Volumes on Ethiopia, Ghana, Tanzania and Zambia have already appeared.