An Enterprise Map of Zambia

Publication Firms

Over the first decade of the new millennium, Zambia's real GDP rose by 80%. Much of this rise came from the mining sector, but a substantial fraction came from the manufacturing sector, whose output rose by 50% in real terms over the decade. This volume provides a detailed account of Zambia's current industrial capabilities. From mining-related industries through general manufacturing, agribusiness and construction, it describes the structure of each of the country's major industries. It provides detailed profiles of fifty leading industrial companies that together represent the frontier of current capabilities in each area of activity. Along the way, it addresses key issues of current interest:

  • Where did the capabilities of Zambia's leading industrial companies come from? How many of these companies came from abroad? How many had their origins in the public sector? And how many were set up by domestic trading companies that began local manufacturing operations?
  • The copper industry generates three-quarters of Zambia's export earnings. But to what extent has Zambia developed downstream capabilities in the manufacture of copper products?
  • How large a role is China playing in the flow of Foreign Direct Investment to Zambia? And in what industries are Chinese companies active?

This is the fourth volume in John Sutton's ""Enterprise Map"" series, which profiles the industrial capabilities of selected countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Volumes on Ethiopia, Ghana and Tanzania have already available to be purchased from the IGC's bookshop. The forthcoming fifth volume will be on Mozambique.