A framework for development of Balochistan spatial strategy

Project report Cities

The development and use of Balochistan Spatial Strategy to support economic growth and investment decisions is a key priority for the Government of Balochistan. To this end, various multilateral institutions such as the World Bank or the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) could be approached to provide technical and financial support for the development of the strategy.

However, it is critical at the outset to develop a framework to identify the purpose of such a spatial strategy, its key function and expected role in the overall decision-making machinery of the province.

To this end, this document will lay down the contours of such a spatial strategy by:

  • Identifying the spatial implications of Balochistan’s growth and development strategy based on recent analytical work.
  • Outlining the contours of a spatial strategy corresponding to Balochistan’s needs including data requirements.
  • Developing terms of reference for a comprehensive spatial strategy for Balochistan that incorporates recent national developments/opportunities, identifies provincial growth nodes that complement Quetta for a more regionally balanced growth and an investment program to support the strategy exploring the role of technology/ GIS-based decisions.