Harnessing the potential of ICT for education in Rwanda

Policy brief State and Tax

  • The Government of Rwanda’s Education Sector Strategic Plan describes the use of information and communications technology (ICT) in general as “fundamental” to achieving the socio-economic development outlined in Vision 2050, and its use in education as “critical”.
  • Technology in education has significant potential to increase equality of access to and use of education materials, but it is important that investments in ICT do not inadvertently worsen inequality.
  • It is also important not only to bring technology to the schools that have infrastructure, but to also invest in basic infrastructure in the schools that do not have it, so that they can also benefit from educational technology.
  • Research shows that to have an impact on learning outcomes, ICT interventions also need to be tied to the curriculum and to be well integrated by teachers into classroom instruction.
  • This policy note describes evidence of strategies to optimise the impact of ICT on learning outcomes.