How COVID-19 has affected Lagos traders: Findings from high frequency phone surveys

Policy brief Firms and COVID-19

  • Traders had virtually zero revenue during Lagos State’s month-long lockdown.
  • Since Lagos partially re-opened on 4 May 2020, most traders have returned to their markets. Sales have rebounded more than employment.
  • Compliance with public health measures has been high. Traders closed their shops during the lockdown. Since the lockdown was eased, market regulations have been largely followed, and mask use and availability of handwashing stations in markets are high.
  • Traders are experiencing major problems with low demand, difficulty restocking, lack of cash on hand, and transportation. Most are raising their prices to cope, but few are taking out loans.
  • There is widespread interest in expanding use of electronic payment methods and e-commerce, and exploring new suppliers, products, and product delivery modes.
  • Supply chain failures are likely to be an ongoing problem. Almost half of traders report that they have not yet restocked at all in 2020, and very few have succeeded in importing.

This brief was updated in August 2020.