Developing power trading markets within Bangladesh and among South Asian countries

In the area of energy, to increase supply involves substantial investment, sector reforms and regional trade. The power sector review shows the expansion of installed grid-based power generation capacity to 13,540 MW (including captive power) of generation by FY2015, out of this grid based total installed generation capacity is 11,532 MW. This success with the expansion of generation capacity along with expansion of transmission and distribution networks helped achieve considerable progress for power sector. The population’s access to electricity increased from the FY2010 baseline of 48% to 72% in FY2015.

Notwithstanding this progress, there are major areas of concern in the power and primary energy sector. Improving efficiency in power generation, outlining a strategy that gives the optimal combination of renewable and non-renewable sources of energy generation, unbundling of the different components of power production – generation, transmission and distribution will help attract public –private partnership investments in the sector. Similarly, framework to initiate intra-agency and cross border power trade will be helpful.