Our council

The Cities that Work council is responsible for the strategic steering and knowledge leadership behind the initiative.

The Cities that Work Council provides research, policy, and strategic leadership and direction for the initiative and its outreach. It is made up of leading policymakers, practitioners, and academics who have an in-depth understanding of opportunities and challenges for urban policymaking.

Current council members:


Ed Glaeser (Chair), Professor, Harvard University




Paul Collier, Professor, University of Oxford




Jennifer Musisi, City Leader in Residence, Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative



Tony Venables, Professor, University of Oxford



Victoria Delbridge (Head of Cities that Work, IGC) is responsible for implementing Council decisions. She leads the Cities that Work Research and Operations Team.

Oliver Harman and Shahrukh Wani form part of the Research and Operations Team of Cities that Work. They work closely with researchers, policymakers, and practitioners in developing policy orientated syntheses of knowledge, and a network of individuals dedicated to putting this knowledge into practice.