Roundtable: Innovations in fragile environments

The Fragility Commission has been investigating various dimensions of state fragility, organising evidence sessions to hear from prominent academics and practitioners on current approaches, challenges, what works, and what doesn’t. A common theme across these sessions was the key role that technology and innovation are playing and can play in addressing many of the challenges faced by fragile and conflict-affected states.

To address this theme, the Commission is organising a roundtable on ‘Innovations in fragile environments’ at the LSE on 30 October 2017 to learn from practitioners about the emerging technologies in the field: how they see these technologies helping in fragile environments, what challenges prevent wider adoption, and how to make them more impactful. The roundtable brings up to 15 leading innovators together with the Commissioners for an open discussion on this topic.

The video recording of the discussion can be watched here.


  • Alix Zwane, Chief Executive Officer, Global Innovation Fund
  • Claire Leigh, Director of International Development in UK Policy, Advocacy and Campaigns Division, Save the Children
  • Hassan Al-Damluji, Head of Middle East Relations, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Jamie Drummond, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Global Strategy, ONE
  • Janet Southern, Chief Operations Officer, Spring Accelerator
  • Josie Naughton, Co-Founder, Help Refugees
  • Mats Granryd, Director General, GSMA
  • Nir Marom, Head of Business Development and Co-Founder, Greenlet Technologies and SunIsrael
  • Osman Haneef, CEO and Managing Director, MILVIK Mobile Pakistan
  • Owen Barder, Vice President and Director for Europe, Center for Global Development