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    Sohaib Jamali

    Sohaib is Research Editor at the Business Recorder.

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    Improving land security through community-based organisations

    Researchers and policymakers agree that secure land rights constitute a vital pillar for sustained livelihood improvements among marginalized populations, but existing solutions have been primarily top-down in orientation. Can community-based organisations help to improve land security from the ground up? Bihar state law guarantees each rural household the right to hold...

    9 May 2019 | Andre Joshua Nickow, Sanjay Kumar

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    Alan Boswell

    Alan Boswell is Crisis Group’s Senior Analyst for South Sudan. He joined Crisis Group in this role in October 2018. Alan is a leading expert on the conflict in South Sudan. His analysis appears regularly in the media, including The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Foreign Policy, Associated Press, and Reuters. He first covered...

  • Publication - Policy Brief

    When imports matter for exports: Firm level evidence from Pakistan

    This study by Dr. Salamat Ali, Dr Mohammad A. Razzaque, and Shafqat Ali Khan investigated the linkages between liberalisation of imports and diversification of exports by using detailed firm-level data on imports, exports, and production for Pakistan. The study used an administrative dataset of exports, imports, and domestic sales for the period 2000-2016. The import...

    8 May 2019 | Salamat Ali, Mohammad A. Razzaque, Shafqat Ali Khan Niazi, Ghazan Jamal

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    First ILO-CEPR-IGC-UNIGE Conference on labour markets in developing countries

    The conference provides a forum for high-quality work in labour and development economics and a platform for researchers and policy makers to exchange knowledge and to engage in policy discussions. The event brings together around 40 economists for a period of two days. The Conference counts with the presentation of 9 papers from experts around the world. It also...

    8–9 May 2019

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    Robert M. Townsend

    Robert M. Townsend  is the Elizabeth and James Killian Professor of Economics in the Department of Economics at MIT, an Elected Member of the National Academy of Sciences, a Research Fellow at the Center for Economic Policy Research and a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research. He is a theorist, macroeconomist, and development economist who...

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    Data: High skilled and low skilled emigration from low income countries

    We analyze location choices of foreign-born science and engineering students receiving PhDs from US universities. Foreign students who stay in the United States are positively selected on observables. They tend to stay in the United States during periods of strong US economic growth and during periods of weak home country economic growth. Foreign students from higher-income...

    7 May 2019

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    Data: Using SMS data to improve Ebola models and estimate the impact of Ebola on healthcare seeking behavior in Liberia

    The recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa was an exemplar for the need to rapidly measure population-level health-seeking behaviors, in order to understand healthcare utilization during emergency situations. Taking advantage of the high prevalence of mobile phones, we deployed a national SMS-poll and collected data about individual-level health and health-seeking behavior...

    7 May 2019

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    Data: Researching the impact of manager characteristics in bureaucracies

    We study how the management practices bureaucrats operate under correlate with the quantity of public services delivered, using data from the Nigerian Civil Service. We have hand‐coded independent engineering assessments of 4,700 project completion rates. We supplement this with a management survey in the bureaucracies responsible for these projects, building on Bloom and...

    7 May 2019