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    Is GDP an adequate measure of development?

    An increasing GDP is often seen as a measure of welfare and economic success. However, it fails to account for the multi-dimensional nature of development or the inherent short-comings of capitalism, which tends to concentrate income and, thus, power. In this blog post, André Castro and Manish Prasad, make a case for using alternate measures of development such as the...

    17 Oct 2018 | Manish Kumar Prasad, André Castro

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    Jakob Rauschendorfer

    Jakob is a Country Economist at the IGC in Uganda. He holds an MSC in Economics for Development from the University of Oxford and a BA in Philosophy & Economics from the University of Bayreuth, Germany. Before joining the IGC in Uganda, Jakob was an Overseas Development Institute Fellow at the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism of the Republic of Malawi, working...

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    How will technology impact the future of work in developing countries?

    Rapid technological advancement brings the promise of higher productivity and increased efficiencies, affecting the quantity and quality of jobs available, as well as how and by whom they are carried out. While the future of work offers considerable opportunities for both advanced and developing economies, there are also significant challenges associated with the broader...

    6 November 2018

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    Tamara Giltsoff

    An innovation leader and entrepreneur with a passion for driving the growth and impact of technology ventures in developing economies, most recently in her role as the Head of Innovation for the UK's Department of International Development.

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    Nyambura Kariuki

    Nyambura works as a research and policy advisor to the Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology.

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    Quazi Zulquarnain

    Zulquar currently leads Uber in Bangladesh. Prior to Uber he headed an e-commerce platform based out of Bangladesh that was subsequently acquired by AliBaba. He has also spent seven years working in the nexus of private sector development and investment advisory with the International Finance Corporation in Bangladesh and Vietnam.

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    IGC-Stanford conference on firms, trade and development

    IGC and the Stanford Center on Global Poverty and Development are hosting their annual one-day conference on the theme of “Firms, Trade and Development.” The event is organised by Nick Bloom, Dave Donaldson, Pete Klenow, Andres Rodriguez-Clare, Eric Verhoogen, and Chris Woodruff. The programme of the conference can be found here. If you have any questions about the...

    6 December 2018

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    From roads to regulation: Realistic transport reform in Greater Kampala

    Across developing cities, transportation is struggling to keep up with rapid population growth. Transport systems that are supposed to connect individuals to jobs, services, and markets have limited reach and low capacity. Land allocated to roads in sub-Saharan African cities, for example, is around a third of that in cities in other parts of the world (Collier and Venables...

    10 Oct 2018 | Priya Manwaring

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    Leader identity and coordination

    9 Oct 2018 | Sonia Bhalotra, Irma Clots-Figueras, Lakshmi Lyer, Joseph Vecci

  • Publication - Working Paper

    Detecting urban markets with satellite imagery: An application to India

    9 Oct 2018 | Kathryn Baragwanath Vogel, Ran Goldblatt, Gordon Hanson, Amit Khandelwal