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    Electricity is not a right: How social norms constrain access to electricity

    The norm that electricity is a right, as opposed to a private good, constrains access to energy and leads to widespread rationing in developing countries. Many developing countries suffer from low electricity access and frequent outages that restrict economic growth. These conditions arise from two primary factors: the norm that electricity is a right guaranteed by the...

    6 Sep 2019 | Robin Burgess, Michael Greenstone, Nicholas Ryan, Anant Sudarshan, Matei Alexianu

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    Anna Vitali

    Anna Vitali is a PhD student in Economics at University College London. Prior to starting her PhD, Anna was working in Uganda as a research associate for BRAC Research and Evaluation Unit and the Institute for Fiscal Studies. Her main research interests are in development and labour economics. She holds a MSc in Economics from Bocconi University.

  • Publication - Annual report

    Annual report 2018-2019

    This year we celebrate the tenth anniversary of the IGC, reflecting on a decade of research and policy impact and setting an ambitious strategy for the future. In recent years, our policy impact has expanded beyond our 12 partner countries, the direct influence of our research on policy has reached new levels, and our global leadership in academic and policy arenas...

    4 Sep 2019 |

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    Eduardo Maruyama

    Eduardo Maruyama is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at IFPRI. His current work is on improving market access for smallholders in Sub-Saharan Africa through rural producer organizations (RPOs), as well as analyzing how valuable information flows from children to their parents and its potential as a policy tool in Peru.

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    David Laborde

    David Laborde is a Senior Research Fellow in the markets, trade and institutions division and the theme leader on macroeconomics and trade for IFPRI. His research interests include globalization, international trade, measurement and modelling of protectionism, multilateral and regional trade liberalization and environmental issues (climate change, biofuels).

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    Xinshen Diao

    Xinshen Diao is the Deputy Division Director and a Senior Research Fellow in the Development Strategy and Governance Division of IFPRI and a subtheme leader for the CGIAR’s Policy, Institution, and Market Research Program (CRP2). Her current research focuses on growth and poverty reduction analysis in Africa both at country level in Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Morocco,...

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    William John Martin

    William Martin is a Senior Research Fellow. He is also President of the International Association of Agricultural Economists. He trained in economics and agricultural economics at the University of Queensland, the Australian National University and Iowa State University and worked at the Australian Bureau of Agricultural Economics; the Australian National University and...

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    Webinar: Small and Growing Business Evidence Fund Information Session

    Date: Thursday, 5 September 2019 Time: 10:30 EST, 15:30 GMT Join ANDE and the International Growth Centre for a webinar introducing a new fund to expand the evidence base for the Small and Growing Business (SGB) sector. The fund will support collaborations between researchers and practitioners to answer critical questions about the most effective ways to support...

    5 September 2019

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    Urbanization and Poverty Reduction Research Conference

    On 9th September, IGC Cities and Cities that Work are co-hosting the 6th Urbanization and Poverty Reduction Conference. The conference will bring together academics and development practitioners to present and discuss questions relating to People, Markets and Cities. In particular, the conference will focus on effective land, housing, transport and local labour market...

    9–10 September 2019

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    Reham Mohammad Bataineh

    Reham is Head of Local Plans Division for the Greater Amman Municipality. Her work is in the field of urban planning and master planning, particularly related to climate change adaptation and mitigation, in addition to sustainable development for cities.