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  • Data Item

    Data: Gold mining and living standards in Ghanaian households

    The development of modern sectors has long been linked to the displacement of traditional agriculture. The economic literature has focused on explanations associated with reallocation of inputs but has neglected other possible mechanisms, such as the negative externalities of environmental pollution on production. To explore this issue, we examine the case of modern gold...

    1 Mar 2019

  • Blog post

    Why reliability matters in expanding access to electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa

    It is almost a cliché to state that electricity supply is a critical infrastructure. Without it, the quest for sustained and inclusive growth is sure to falter. Yet, across sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), access to this critical piece of infrastructure is limited. Currently, two in five Sub-Saharan Africans lack access to electricity (IEA, 2018) While policymakers across the...

    28 Feb 2019 | James Dzansi, Brittany Street, Steve Puller, Belinda Yebuah-Dwamena

  • Data Item

    Data: Variation in infrastructure delivery and management quality among Ghana’s local governments

    Many infrastructure projects in developing countries are started but never finished. Despite the vast resources invested in infrastructure and the obvious inefficiency of abandoning projects mid-construction, there is little research on this problem. I have collected, digitized, and coded administrative records of over 14,000 local government infrastructure projects in...

    27 Feb 2019

  • Publication - Working Paper

    The vicious circle of blackouts and revenue collection in developing economies: Evidence from Ghana

    7 Feb 2019 | James Dzansi, Steve Puller, Brittany Street, Belinda Yebuah-Dwamena

  • Project

    Building capacity for the Ghana Commodities Exchange

    Formally lauched in November 2018, the Ghana Commodities Exchange (GCX) is set to transform agricultural markets in Ghana. The GCX links farmers with traders more effectively, and provides facilities like grain storage and quality control. To ensure the smooth running of the exchange upon its opening, this project sought to build technical capacity amongst its...

    16 Jan 2019 | Yaw Nyarko

  • Project

    IGC Public Forum on Galamsey in Ghana

    Small-scale illegal mining operations (colloquially known as “galamsey”) are destroying farmlands, forests, and water bodies in Ghana. IGC analysis showis that it would cost approximately $250 million to reclaim lands and water bodies destroyed by galamsey based on its studies in the western region.  This event shared findings from IGC Ghana-sponsored work on...

    16 Jan 2019 | James Dzansi, Henry Telli

  • Case Study: State

    Election debates to increase political accountability

    Our research has found that giving voters access to information can significantly improve their knowledge and increase democratic participation.

    15 Jan 2019

  • Publication - Project Report

    Survey of local government revenue mobilisation capacity in Ghana, 2017: Summary and policy implications

    7 Jan 2019 | James Dzansi, Anders Jensen, David Lagakos, Isaac Otoo, Henry Telli, Cynthia Zindam

  • Multimedia Item - Video

    Land rights in developing countries: Insights from policymakers

    Policymakers from Rwanda, Zambia, Uganda and Ghana discuss the challenges around land rights and what can be done to address them.

    20 Nov 2018

  • Project

    Guidance on 'One-District, One Factory'

    Ghana has begun an ambitious policy of building one new factory in each of its 216 districts. This study provides guidance on which types of factories would be most viable in each district. The study concludes that several unexploited primary resources exist in almost each district, and highlights the challenges districts are likely to face when trying to process...

    26 Sep 2018 | David Lagakos, James Dzansi, Henry Telli