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    Urban development and rural-urban linkages in six towns in Bihar

    4 Jun 2018 | Tanuka Endow

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    Nick Bloom: Do management interventions last?

    How does improving management practices improve firm performance? Nick Bloom shares research results from India, which show that introducing management practices to textile firms had lasting impact several years on.

    18 May 2018

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    IGC-Gates Foundation India Programme Launch

    The IGC India country programmes are merging under a new partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to engage with government, research institutes, and other institutions in Bihar to build a strong, sustainable ecosystem of research and monitoring and evaluation in the state and throughout the country, and create the necessary local institutional capacity. The...

    5 May 2018

  • Publication - Project Report

    Self help groups: Evidence from India

    23 Apr 2018 | Souvik Dutta, Abhirup Sarkar, Suraj Shekhar

  • Blog post

    Congestion pricing to solve peak-hour traffic jams? Not so fast!

    Evidence from Bangalore shows that congestion pricing is not as effective in reducing travel times as one might presume. Peak-hour pricing only marginally improved travel times, whilst also triggering schedule costs for commuters induced to change their travel times. Traffic congestion is a chronic problem in large cities across the world. Millions of urban commuters...

    6 Apr 2018 | Gabriel Kreindler

  • Publication - Growth Brief

    Management delivers: Why firms should invest in better business practices

    There is a stark difference in firm productivity and growth between developing and advanced economies. Improving the management of firms in developing countries can help bridge this gap. New research shows that introducing management practices to firms can have lasting impacts on their productivity and growth. When Indian firms adopted management practices, their...

    28 Mar 2018 | Nick Bloom, Leonie Dressel, Emilie Yam

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    9 Mar 2018

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    Vocational training programs in India are leaving women behind, but this needn’t be the case

    Less than 25% of women are employed in their skilled job for more than three months and are also less likely to receive and accept job offers than men. Migration is a key constraint, with job location being a strong predictor of female outcomes. Skill India Many low- and middle-income countries have launched government-funded vocational training programmes to help youth...

    23 Feb 2018 | Charity Troyer Moore, Rohini Pande, Soledad Artiz Prillaman

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    Reforming India’s energy market: Towards centralised production

    To improve efficiency and integrate renewable energy, a centralised economic dispatch model is recommended. A real-time energy market with gate closure should also be introduced. Such market reforms require robust market monitoring and surveillance. An energy market design that enables buyers to meet their energy requirements, while allowing sellers to adjust their...

    20 Feb 2018 | Sushanta Chatterjee

  • Publication - Working Paper

    Response of firms to listing: Evidence from SME exchanges

    6 Feb 2018 | Nidhi Aggarwal , Susan Thomas