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    The dangers of not knowing enough about COVID-19’s impact on women in Pakistan

    The Government of Pakistan has begun publishing gender-disaggregated data on COVID-19 at a national level. One graph on the government’s Covid-19 website illustrates that men constitute 74% of observed cases so far (as of June 29th 2020). This is a significant aberration compared to worldwide trends and is one of the highest proportions globally. A WHO report on Gender...

    8 Jul 2020 | Osman Siddiqi, Ayesha Shahid

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    Ayesha Shahid

    Ayesha Shahid has degrees in Political Science and City Planning with a focus on International Development. She is currently part of a team tracking the impact of Covid-19 in cities in Pakistan.

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    Osman Siddiqi

    Osman Siddiqi is an economist with considerable experience in public health. He is head of research at Arifu, a technology firm operating at the nexus of digital communication and behaviour change.

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    Deepening decentralisation in Zambia: Identifying political economy constraints to reform


    8 Jul 2020 | Danielle Resnick, Gilbert Siame, Peter Mulambia, Dorothy Ndhlovu, Beverly Shicilenge, Bhavna Sivasubramanian

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    Bhavna Sivasubramanian

    Bhavna Sivasubramanian is a Research Associate at J-PAL South Asia where she works on the Ultra-Rice project in Tamil Nadu, which aims to reduce anemia through food fortification at scale. Prior to joining J-PAL, she worked as a Research Analyst at the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) based in Washington D.C. on projects related to the political economy...

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    Beverly Shicilenge

    Beverly Shicilenge is a researcher from the University of Zambia.

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    Dorothy Ndhlovu

    Dorothy Ndhlovu is a researcher from the University of Zambia.

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    Peter Mulambia

    Peter Mulambia is a researcher from the University of Zambia.

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    Taxation for growth in KP with focus on sales tax on services

    The Consortium for Development Policy Research (CDPR) in partnership with International Growth Center (IGC) and Sustainable Energy and Economic Development (SEED) is organising a set of two webinar sessions to discuss ways of maximising provincial fiscal space by focusing on two specific taxes: sales tax on services and the urban property tax. The webinar will bring...

    9 July 2020

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    Javed Ahmed

    Javed Ahmed is a tax economist at the Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA). He was also the chairman of PRA for a year. He has diverse experience of taxation, public policy, public finance and management with training in both business and law and has been instrumental in setting up the Punjab Revenue Authority.