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    New book examines solutions to the South Sudan conflict

    A new book provides the most comprehensive analysis to date of the South Sudan conflict – what contributed to it and what is needed to end it. The Struggle for South Sudan: Challenges of Security and State Formation discusses realistic solutions to the ongoing conflict and humanitarian crisis in South Sudan. The book, sponsored by the London School of Economics and...

    19 Feb 2019

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    H.E. Yamina Karitanyi

    H.E. Yamina Karitanyi is currently the High Commissioner for the Republic of Rwanda to the United Kingdom, and non-resident Ambassador to Ireland since December 2015.

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    Balance for better: Advancing women’s political leadership

    Studies suggest that when women serve as political leaders, governments are not only more inclusive but also are better at delivering public services. In India, IGC researchers find that women legislators are less likely to be corrupt and more efficient at completing projects. However, from the local to the global level, women’s leadership and political participation...

    6 March 2019

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    Clare Short

    The Rt Hon. Clare Short is a British politician and former Labour Party MP. She is currently Chair of Cities Alliance, an intergovernmental advocacy organization committed to meeting the UN target to abolish slums in cities across the globe. In 1997 she became the first cabinet-level Secretary of State for the Department of International Development (DfID). During her time...

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    AfCFTA: Africa is moving too slowly towards economic integration

    Africa’s quest for a single market dates back to the establishment of the Organisation of African Union (OAU) in 1963. The OAU, which brought together Africa’s newly independent nations, had at its heart intra-Africa economic integration. In fact, it aimed to emulate Europe by creating an African Economic Community, encompassing a single market and a customs union. In...

    18 Feb 2019 | Olu Fasan

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    Olu Fasan

    Dr Olu Fasan, a trade lawyer, is a Visiting Fellow and member of the International Trade Policy Unit at the London School of Economics.

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    Land reform: Lessons from Rwanda

    Thierry Hoza Ngoga (Rwanda's former Head of Land Technical Operations) discusses how Rwanda reformed its land policy through a series of interventions over several years.

    14 Feb 2019

  • Publication - Project Report

    The relationship between influential actors’ language and violence: A Kenyan case study using artificial intelligence

    This background study is published by the LSE-Oxford Commission on State Fragility, Growth and Development.

    14 Feb 2019 | Chris Mahony, Eduardo Albrecht, Murat Sensoy

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    Murat Sensoy

    Murat Sensoy is a Visiting Scholar in the Department of Computer Science at University College London and Associate Professor at Ozyegin University and was previously a post-doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Aberdeen. He received his PhD degree in Computer Engineering at Bogazici University in 2008. He developed semantic reasoning mechanisms for sensor networks,...

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    Eduardo Albrecht

    Eduardo Albrecht is Ethnographic Edge Research Director. He obtained his PhD in Social Anthropology from the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London. He is currently Program Head of the International Relations and Diplomacy Program at Mercy College in New York and was previously Associate Professor of Anthropology and International Studies at...