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    Data: The impact of electronic procurement of public works contracts in Indonesia and India

    Poorly functioning, and often corrupt, public procurement procedures are widely faulted for the low quality of infrastructure provision in developing countries. Can electronic procurement (e-procurement), which reduces both the cost of acquiring tender information and personal interaction between bidders and procurement ocials, ameliorate these problems? In this paper we...

    27 Feb 2019

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    Ambassador (Dr.) Amina Mohamed

    Ambassador (Dr.) Amina Mohamed is an accomplished and committed international civil servant and diplomat. She is the current Cabinet Secretary (Minister) for Education and the first woman Minister in this docket since independence. She served as the Cabinet Secretary (Minister) for Foreign Affairs and International Trade and was the first woman to hold this position in...

  • Case Study: Firms

    Increasing women’s participation in the workforce

    Our research indicates that access to education, finance, and transportation can help increase women's independence and participation in the labour force.

    27 Feb 2019

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    Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr, OBE

    Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr is the Mayor of Freetown. She won the position in the 2018 general elections. This makes her the first female mayor since 1977-1980 when the position was held by Dr June Holst-Roness. Yvonne is a finance professional with over 25 years of experience in strategic planning, risk management, and project management in the public and private sectors. A team...

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    Christina Makungu

    Christina Makungu is a social scientist at Ifakara Health Institute. She has 12 years’ research experience carrying out environmental health and ecological sciences research. In her work, she has explored risky behaviours and practices in relation to public health interventions aimed at reducing malaria transmission in both rural and urban Tanzania. Her research has...

  • Project

    Property taxation with flat rate systems in Tanzania

    The property tax system that the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) inherited has a low proportion of total properties registered and an even smaller proportion valuated. It uses a valuation method that is regressive, expensive and significantly undervalues properties, and the effective tax rates are minuscule once true property value is taken into account. A flat tax...

    26 Feb 2019 | Mihaly Kopanyi, Tamim Amijee

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    Tamim Amijee

    Tamim Amijee has 30 years of experience in development consulting, taxation and management in Tanzania and East Africa. He is a graduate in economics from Queen Mary, University of London, and has  undertaken masters degree courses in tax administration and community economic development both in Tanzania and abroad. Tamim has undertaken extensive and wide-ranging...

  • Blog post

    Improving land security through community-based organisations

    Researchers and policymakers agree that secure land rights constitute a vital pillar for sustained livelihood improvements among marginalized populations, but existing solutions have been primarily top-down in orientation. Can community-based organisations help to improve land security from the ground up? Bihar state law guarantees each rural household the right to hold...

    25 Feb 2019 | Andre Joshua Nickow, Sanjay Kumar

  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Maternal mortality in urban and rural Tanzania: Social determinants and health system efficiency

    Maternal mortality rates (MMRs) in Tanzania have remained stubbornly high over the last decade, at around 500 per 100,000 live births. Previous research indicates unequal burden of MMRs and large variations across regions. This brief uses the 2015/16 Tanzania Demographic Health Survey (TDHS) and 2012 National Census to provide an overview of MMRs. The brief...

    22 Feb 2019 | Josephine Shabani, Gemma Todd, Anna Nswilla , Godfrey Mbaruku