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    COVID-19 and taxes: Policies for the post-pandemic recovery

    The COVID-19 pandemic has placed unprecedented strain on public finances across developing countries. Large fiscal responses and weak economic activity have widened deficits and increased public debt, which for many will be unsustainable over the medium-term. It is important for policymakers to consider policies for mobilising additional revenue. To this end, this...

    27 Jan 2021 | Oliver Harman, Anders Jensen, Farria Naeem, Moussa Saab, Shahrukh Wani, Nick Wilkinson

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    Tax reforms to support an equitable and pro-poor recovery in developing countries

    The COVID-19 pandemic has strained government finances. To address these fiscal challenges and support growth, policymakers will need to mobilise revenue in a way that encourages an inclusive recovery. Tax policy will therefore need to be innovative, efficient and equitable. Across the globe, pandemic containment efforts and disbursal of economic and health support...

    27 Jan 2021 | Farria Naeem, Nick Wilkinson

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    Cities that work strategic capacity development for global future cities

    As part of the Global Future Cities Programme, in collaboration with the UK Built Environment Advisory Group (UKBEAG), Cities that Work initiative are co-delivering three capacity building sessions to 19 middle income cities. The recordings of these sessions, their relevant materials as well as other sessions relevant to emerging city policymakers a will be available...

    21 January 2021

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    Allan Macleod

    Allan works with the University of Bristol, Bristol City Office and Bristol City Council as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Research and Engagement Associate. He works across these three organisations to assist in their adoption of the SDGs, as well as support stakeholders from across Bristol to improve awareness and understanding about the SDGs and help drive...

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    Chris Cooper

    Chris Cooper is a smart cities expert and consultant to the British Standards Institute. Chris helped write the original first set of smart city standards - including ISO37106 - Guidance on establishing smart city operating models for sustainable communities. As well as being a member of the steering groups for BSI PAS184 Developing project proposals for delivering smart...

  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Enhancing property tax compliance in Kampala

    Property taxes are an important source of revenue for Kampala Capital City Authority, making up over 30% of own source revenues in 2018/191. Recent reforms to collect data on all properties in the city have expanded the tax net considerably. Now that the tax net has been expanded, the city faces a new challenge – raising compliance with property taxes. Currently,...

    25 Jan 2021 | Jones Ahabwe, Henry Kikonyogo, Priya Manwaring, Robert Mugangaizi, Julius Mutebi, Daniel Nuweabine, Tanner Regan