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    Randomised impact evaluation of farmer participatory innovative agricultural practices

    Low production and productivity are problems that characterise the agricultural sector in Mozambique. Although most people in Mozambique practice agriculture, the sector contributes to a relatively low proportion of the country's GDP. Modern technologies such as chemical fertisers, improved seeds, irrigation, etc, could potentially increase agricultural productivity, but,...

    24 Nov 2016 | Cátia Batista, Dean Karlan, Gharad Bryan

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    Subjective expectations, labour market choices, and migration among university students in Mozambique

    Mozambique’s graduate youth employment market is suffering from a skills mismatch, leading to unemployment. An excess of students look for jobs in the public sector, and not many look to become self-employed. Researchers examined students’ expectations about education and labour market returns and their future occupational choices. They found that students...

    8 Nov 2016 | Mariapia Mendola, Luigi Minale, Ines Raimundo

  • Project

    Interoperability of mobile money: International experience and recommendations for Mozambique

    We studied the creation of interoperability in financial institutions and especially mobile money and its potential to improve financial inclusion in Mozambique. We compared experiences with the use of mobile money between providers across a range of countries. We also conducted interviews with members of banks and mobile money operators to better understand the...

    19 Oct 2016 | Marc Bourreau, Steffen Hoernig

  • Blog post

    The story of José: 9 steps to turn the Mozambican construction boom into an engine for inclusive growth

    The construction industry is the backbone of economic growth in many developing countries, including Mozambique where the industry grew by nearly 12% in 2015. Through the story of a young Mozambican carpenter, IGC Economist Novella Maugeri summarises the results of a recent study on the construction industry in 9 steps that could help to turn the recent construction boom...

    6 Oct 2016 | Novella Maugeri

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    A história do José: 9 Dicas para transformar o boom do sector de construção num motor de crescimento inclusivo em Moçambique

    A indústria da construção é a espinha dorsal do crescimento económico em muitos países em desenvolvimento, incluindo Moçambique, onde o sector cresceu quase 12% em 2015. Através da história de um jovem carpinteiro Moçambicano, a economista do IGC Moçambique, sintetiza o conteúdo de um estudo recentemente publicado pelo IGC em 9 dicas que podem ajudar o Governo a...

    6 Oct 2016 | Novella Maugeri

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    Implementing the National Development Strategy: Poultry and cotton production clusters

    This project seeks to support the implementation of the National Development Strategy by designing a set of policy interventions with a focus on the poultry and cotton sectors. The National Development Strategy aims at inclusive and sustainable economic growth, driven by structural transformation and economic diversification. It is a high-level cross-sectoral policy...

    3 Oct 2016 | Vasco Nhabinde, Rafael Uaiene, Alberto Da Cruz, Jorrit Oppewal

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    Quer se tornar um empreendedor em Moçambique? 3 Coisas que você precisa saber!

    Os economistas do IGC-Moçambique, Novella e Jorrit, compartilham connosco algumas lições do Workshop sobre Desenvolvimento do Sector Privado realizado em Maputo no mês de Março de 2016. Com um défice geral de qualificações e um fraco sistema de informação sobre o mercado laboral, os empresários em Moçambique tem que encontrar meios inovadores para superar as...

    21 Jun 2016 | Novella Maugeri, Jorrit Oppewal

  • Publication - Working Paper

    The diffusion of mobile money: Evidence from a lab experiment in the field

    20 Jun 2016 | Cátia Batista, Marcel Fafchamps, Pedro Vicente

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    Clicking towards Mozambique’s new jobs

    A new online job portal in Mozambique may have the potential to improve job-matching through improved access to information between jobs and job-seekers. Inclusive growth in developing countries can hardly be achieved without a widespread dissemination of labour market information. Fortunately, growing penetration of the internet can circumvent existing limitations...

    13 May 2016 | Pedro Martins

  • Blog post

    Want to become an entrepreneur in Mozambique? 3 things you need to know!

    IGC Country Economists Novella and Jorrit share lessons from the IGC Private Sector Development Workshop held in Maputo on March 2016. With low levels of internet penetration, entrepreneurs must find innovative means of overcoming key barriers to building and growing businesses in challenging environments. Imagine you are an entrepreneur who decides to start a business in...

    9 May 2016 | Novella Maugeri, Jorrit Oppewal