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  • Publication - Project Report

    Economic growth, inequality and poverty: Estimating the growth elasticity of poverty in Zambia, 2006-2015

    1 Feb 2018 | Chrispin Mphuka, Oliver Kaonga, Mike Tembo

  • Project

    Personal income taxation in Zambia

    Context and primary motivation Direct taxes, including turnover and PIT, represent an important share of total tax collection in Zambia. While this testifies to the strong initial enforcement capacity of the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA), there remain important sources of non-compliance in direct taxes. In particular, an important source of non-compliance is the failure...

    12 Jan 2018 | Anders Jensen

  • Project

    (Mis)allocation of teachers and state capacity

    Cross-country differences in educational attainment are large. Despite a massive expansion of primary schooling in developing countries in the last decades, a substantial share of the population in low-income countries still does not complete primary education. Since teachers are a key input into the education process and teacher compensation constitutes a major part of...

    30 Nov 2017 | Torsten Walter

  • Case Study: State

    Motivating public sector workers

    Our research has found that incentives can help attract better job candidates and motivate better performance in the public sector, but they need to be carefully tested.

    20 Oct 2017

  • Case Study: Firms

    Mapping industrialisation in Africa

    Our series of ‘enterprise maps’ offers the first comprehensive analysis of the industrial sectors in five African countries for potential investors and policymakers seeking to foster industrial development.

    20 Oct 2017

  • Event

    Promoting Inclusive Growth in Zambia

    On 1st August 2017, International Growth Centre Zambia in collaboration with the Ministry of National Development Planning in Zambia held an a research and policy seminar titled "Promoting Inclusive Growth in Zambia". The overall objective of the seminar was to create a forum to discuss the policy challenges related to promoting inclusive growth in Zambia and promote...

    1 August 2017

  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Growth and income inequality in Zambia

    21 Sep 2017 |

  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Estimating the growth elasticity of poverty in Zambia, 2006-2015

    This brief is based on the paper Economic Growth, Inequality and Poverty: Estimating the Growth Elasticity of Poverty in Zambia, 2006-15 (2017) by Chrispin Mphuka Oliver Kaonga and Mike Tembo. The paper measures the responsiveness of poverty reduction to growth in Zambia over the past decade using data from the Living Conditions Monitoring Survey.  

    21 Sep 2017 | Miljan Sladoje

  • Project

    Urban informality, tax compliance, and accountability in Zambia

    What drives tax compliance among informal sector workers in Africa? And does taxation strengthen accountability between governments and the informal sector? These questions are hugely important in Africa for a number of reasons. First, the informal sector plays a critical role in contributing to structural transformation, particularly by facilitating production and...

    18 Sep 2017 | Danielle Resnick

  • Project

    Economic growth, inequality and poverty: Estimating the growth elasticity of poverty in Zambia

    Zambia's economy has experienced strong growth in recent years, with real GDP growth in the period 2005-13 averaging more than 6% annually. However, despite this impressive economic growth, reducing poverty and economic inequality has proved challenging. This is evident from the fact that 60% of the population currently live below the poverty line and 42% are considered to...

    14 Aug 2017 | Chrispin Mphuka, Oliver Kaonga