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    The institutional and urban design of Gwadar City

    This study on Gwadar City explores the optimal administrative structure and policy initiatives feeding into its urban design, that can help spur economic growth in the region, along the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The study will carry out a review of success and failure of new economic cities and special economic zones (SEZs) around the world, supplemented by...

    17 Sep 2018 | Muhammad Naveed Iftikhar, Komal Shakeel, Liou Xie

  • Multimedia Item - Video

    Facebook Live interview with Shanta Devarajan

    Priya Manwaring (IGC) speaks to Shanta Devarajan, Senior Director for Development Economics and Acting Chief Economist of the World Bank, about the major challenges affecting developing cities today, opportunities for reform, and the potential for research in designing evidence-based policy.

    11 Sep 2018

  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Benefits and costs of road traffic congestion pricing: Evidence from Bangalore

    Chronic road traffic congestion is ubiquitous in developing countries. Congestion pricing is a theoretically appealing and technologically feasible policy, yet to date has not implemented in developing countries. This brief examines an experiment with congestion pricing pilot policies to learn how commuter change their driving behaviour due to charges, focusing on...

    28 Aug 2018 | Gabriel Kreindler, Esther Duflo, Benjamin Olken

  • Publication - Working Paper

    Taxing vacant urban land in Kampala

    24 Aug 2018 | Mihaly Kopanyi, Astrid Haas

  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Considerations for a tax on urban vacant land in Kampala

    Vacant land constitutes an estimated 8-10% of Kampala’s land. However, this does not take into account abandoned or derelict buildings, space used for parking, or large pieces of land attached to small buildings. These are all types of land that have been categorised as vacant in other countries. Currently, vacant land is not classified as property under the...

    24 Aug 2018 | Mihaly Kopanyi, Astrid Haas

  • Multimedia Item - Video

    Ongoing transport reforms in the city of Lagos

    Biodun Otunola (CEO, Planet Project Ltd) talks about ongoing transport reforms in Lagos including traffic management and the Bus Reform Project.

    6 Aug 2018

  • Multimedia Item - Video

    The role of dedicated authorities in transport reform

    Biodun Otunola (CEO, Planet Project Ltd) describes the importance of political support and dedicated project teams in implementing transport reforms, using Lagos as a case study.

    6 Aug 2018

  • Event

    5th Urbanization and Poverty Reduction Research Conference

    Across the developing world, the growth of cities is outpacing effective policy. Low density land use results in rapidly expanding cities, raising the costs of infrastructure and service provision and limiting liveability and productivity. At the same time, limited investments in transport infrastructure such as roads limits the connectivity between individuals and...

    7 September 2018

  • Multimedia Item - Video

    Implementing integrated transport reform in Lagos

    Biodun Otunola (CEO, Planet Project Ltd) provides a case study of implementing transport reforms in Lagos, Nigeria.

    1 Aug 2018