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    How Zimbabwe can embrace the future of work

    Local contexts must be given as much prominence as global in the debate about the future of work, argues LSE’s McDonald Lewanika. The future of work is at the centre of the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) centenary conversations for 2019 when it turns 100. This multi-sector global debate focuses on four conversations: work and society; decent jobs;...

    23 Jan 2017 | McDonald Lewanika

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    Social network, referrals and technology adoption: Randomised field experiments using System of Rice Intensification (SRI)

    IGC Bangladesh, together with the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) of the Ministry of Agriculture, hosted a seminar on 15th January to disseminate the findings of the IGC commissioned study "Social network, referrals and technology adoption: Randomized field experiments using Systems of Rice Intensification (SRI)". The study, led by Professor Asadul Islam...

    15 January 2017

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    The inadequacy of South Africa’s Black Economic Empowerment policy

    Vrinda Chopra analyses the detrimental effects of the BBBEE on smallholder farmers and cooperatives in South Africa. The Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) of South Africa is a landmark policy for reversing the historical marginalisation of Black, Coloured and Indian people in the country. The policy outlines a scorecard that promotes non-white ownership,...

    5 Jan 2017 | Vrinda Chopra

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    Mobile banking and remittances: Evidence from Bangladesh readymade garments sector

    The International Growth Centre (IGC) and BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD), BRAC University hosted a dissemination seminar on ‘Mobile Banking and Remittances: Evidence from Bangladesh Readymade Garments sector’ on 18 December 2016 in Dhaka. The seminar was chaired by Dr. Sultan Hafeez Rahman, Country Director, IGC Bangladesh and Dr. Abu Shonchoy...

    18 December 2016

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    Regional value chains: Enhancing productivity in East Africa

    In partnership with the IGC, Duke University’s Center on Globalization, Governance & Competitiveness (CGGC) reveals the potential for regional integration to strengthen value chains and improve productivity in Rwanda and Uganda. Despite recent regional improvements in poverty reduction and economic growth rates in East Africa, firm productivity in the region remains low....

    9 Dec 2016 | Jack Daly

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    Industrial policy and structural transformation of Uganda - Lecture series

    In 2016 the Bank of Uganda is commemorating its 50th anniversary through various activities, events, and publications. This Golden Jubilee is an opportunity to focus public attention towards the Bank’s role in promoting economic and financial stability as well as create a context for a broad debate on the national economic development strategy. The Bank is perceived as...

    21 September 2018

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    The story of José: 9 steps to turn the Mozambican construction boom into an engine for inclusive growth

    The construction industry is the backbone of economic growth in many developing countries, including Mozambique where the industry grew by nearly 12% in 2015. Through the story of a young Mozambican carpenter, IGC Economist Novella Maugeri summarises the results of a recent study on the construction industry in 9 steps that could help to turn the recent construction boom...

    6 Oct 2016 | Novella Maugeri

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    A história do José: 9 Dicas para transformar o boom do sector de construção num motor de crescimento inclusivo em Moçambique

    A indústria da construção é a espinha dorsal do crescimento económico em muitos países em desenvolvimento, incluindo Moçambique, onde o sector cresceu quase 12% em 2015. Através da história de um jovem carpinteiro Moçambicano, a economista do IGC Moçambique, sintetiza o conteúdo de um estudo recentemente publicado pelo IGC em 9 dicas que podem ajudar o Governo a...

    6 Oct 2016 | Novella Maugeri

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    IGC-SCID Conference on firms, trade, and development 2016

    The IGC and Stanford’s Center for International Development (SCID) hosted their annual two-day conference at Stanford on 3-4 November 2016. The conference brought together some of the world’s foremost researchers on firms, trade, and development with the aim of furthering the knowledge frontier and generating interest for the research agenda. This year, the...

    3–4 November 2016

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    Growth Week 2016: Framework Sessions

    Leading academics including Eliana La Ferrara, Ed Glaeser, Chris Woodruff, Nava Ashraf, and John Sutton give framework talks on IGC's research themes (state effectiveness, cities, and firms) at Growth Week 2016.

    21 Jun 2016