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    Can index based insurance reduce the vulnerability of farmers to weather?

    An IGC study reveals that index insurance has the potential to reduce the vulnerability of farmers to weather. This is dependent on data quality and model accuracy, with the highest predictive capacity involving a combination of satellite datasets. Even so, variation in agricultural production remains a challenge. Furthermore, the insurance needs to be credible and...

    27 Oct 2016 | Patrick McSharry, Tom Swartz, John Spray

  • Project

    Implementing the National Development Strategy: Poultry and cotton production clusters

    This project seeks to support the implementation of the National Development Strategy by designing a set of policy interventions with a focus on the poultry and cotton sectors. The National Development Strategy aims at inclusive and sustainable economic growth, driven by structural transformation and economic diversification. It is a high-level cross-sectoral policy...

    3 Oct 2016 | Vasco Nhabinde, Rafael Uaiene, Alberto Da Cruz, Jorrit Oppewal

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    Can SRI techniques help Bangladeshi farmers increase their yields?

    Asadul Islam of Monash University explores the implications of SRI techniques in rural Bangladesh.

    23 Sep 2016

  • Publication - Working Paper

    Food crop production in Tanzania: Evidence from the 2008/09 National Panel Survey

    20 Jun 2016 | Vincent Leyaro, Basile Boulay, Oliver Morrissey

  • Project

    Upgrading Rwandan agriculture

    Assessing the impacts of productivity growth on poverty involves a number of steps. The purpose of this short paper is to lay out the steps involved as a basis for making such an evaluation in a small economy such as Rwanda. This impact occurs through several channels, and capturing it requires that we take into account, in particular: (i) the direct impacts of productivity...

    8 Apr 2016 | Will Martin

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    The Impact of Seasonal Food and Cash Loans on Smallholder Farmers in Zambia

    International Growth Centre (IGC) Zambia in collaboration with Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) held a series of dissemination events on 22 and 24 March 2016 to present and discuss the preliminary results of a study titled: “The Impact of Seasonal Food and Cash Loans on Smallholder Farmers in Zambia” by Kelsey Jack (Tufts University), Günther Fink (Harvard School...

    22–24 March 2016

  • Project

    Adaptation to persistent drought and groundwater depletion: Evidence from Karnataka

    Water stress is becoming the leading constraint on Indian agriculture. Groundwater resources are being fast-depleted and rainfall disruptions are increasingly frequent. Understanding how farmers adapt to this dual challenge is crucial for India’s agricultural growth, and transformation. The study seeks to investigate the combined impacts of persistent drought and...

    7 Apr 2016 | Ram Fishman, K.V. Raju, V.S. Prakash

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    Matching and migration: Lessons from a resettlement programme in Indonesia

    The success of rural relocation and resettlement programmes may be dependent on the transferability of migrants' skills and experiences to their destinations. New findings from an Indonesian study suggest that relocation programmes should consider providing agricultural extension services to ensure migrants adapt and cope in new environments. Forced migration...

    24 Mar 2016 | Alex Rothenberg, Samuel Bazzi, Arya Gaduh, Maisy Wong

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    Livestock services: Agricultural technology & service delivery in rural Tanzania

    Privatised animal health and production services have left the majority of small-holder and subsistence farmers out in the cold. Without access to agricultural technology, productivity is constrained. To address this market failure, the Tanzanian government established a network of livestock officers to provide basic livestock services. Yet, public service delivery is...

    14 Mar 2016 | Joshua Chipman, Florian Blum